Our Services – Le Bravo

Custom colours

LeBravo offers their clients the possibility to perfectly match a colour of their choice.

The custom colour is one of the most requested services and the Team is among the best in the industry to fulfil this service.

Our Services – Le Bravo Custom textures

This service refers to the possibility of matching the client’s chosen textures with leather.

The long-time experience in the Fashion industry allows the Team to offer a vast choice of unusual textures for the interior design world, in addition to fully personalized, custom embossed leather.


Material consumption estimate

The estimate of material consumption is a very important task for every project. It is essential in order to avoid later issues in matching the correct dye lot and completing successfully the project or to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

LeBravo Team will ensure you purchase the right quantity of material for every project.

3D images for the project

This service allows the client not only to view the finished display of the items but also to match a few options of materials, prior to purchasing.

The 3D presentation is an innovative way of presentation not only for architectures and interior designers but also for furniture producers and material vendors.

Panelling production

The client can choose the shape and the size of the panels, the type of material, colour and texture and the Team will produce the wall panels, after a sample approval.


Our Services – Best value for money

LeBravo strives to provide the best value for the requested range of services and materials.

The Team is flexible and trained to satisfy the most challenging clients. The customer care is recognised for being exceptional from the start to the completion of the project.