Our Vision


The heritage of the company belongs to the genuine environment of a small Italian artisan’s leather business. Many young people attended the leather school but only the most passionate for the art of working the leather are joining LeBravo Team. Pure Italian passion is the inspiration for every new article, for every new collection and is motivating the team to a tireless creativity.

High quality of goods and services

The high quality of the product and the services is also a key element in the Company.

LeBravo’s clients are privileged to receive only top-quality hides and materials for both residential and hospitality projects with guaranteed durability and performance.

Extra treatments such as scotch guard and waterproof treatment and certifications such as BS5852, Imo FTPC 8 and FMVSS for fire resistance, certificate ISO 14000 for Eco-sustainibility are available for each article.

Free advice on application and functionality is gently provided by the Team.


LeBravo is a young company that is determined to safeguard the environment and the future of the new generations.

Building a sustainable mindset is one of the prime purposes in the Company. Actively participating in research projects for recycling and production of recyclable materials is expressing the high social and business quality of LeBravo.

In particular, the Team is promoting the distribution of sustainable leather and other materials by offering generous discounts to client’s who choose sustainable.