About Us

LeBravo Leather combines the experience of an Italian third generation leather producers with the innovative view of the young founder Umberto Paolo Ferranti, focused on proposing new trends in the industry.

From the late ‘60, Umberto’s grandmother was a successful supplier of leather goods for fashion brands such as Roberta di Camerino, Borbonese, Giorgio Armani, Roberto Pavese, Colombetti, Otto Kern to mention a few. The small artisan business was appreciated for their attention to detail, the quality of their materials and the reliability of their services.

The business developed and passed to Umberto’s parents in the ‘90. Working on a project with Maserati, the company specialized in the production of luxury travel trunks, later used as a unique piece of decoration by a top London interior designer. This lucky coincidence presented the business with a great new direction of development in the world of interior design and home furniture.

From his early childhood, Umberto’s creativity was stimulated by the surrounding world of luxury leathers and fine materials, developing his great attention to quality, details and exquisite taste.

His parents had the innovative idea to create a school for young artisans, following the footsteps of the existing business. The young entrepreneur Umberto used the opportunity to select the most passionate people and build the Team LeBravo that soon became popular in the industry for the efficiency of its services.

The Team was involved in the development of numerous customized articles for popular Brands in the interior design world, such as Christian Liaigre, Oxford Design, David Collins studio and, following, it was chosen for collaboration from high end quality lovers in the industry.

One of the latest achievements of the Team was the development of the complex leather collection for the worldwide famous designer Kelly Hoppen. Umberto naturally became a leader and coordinator of the project. He managed, together with the Team the whole development process

of 60+ custom design and colours for the successful presentation of the full collection in Paris.

Today, the company LeBravo Leather is offering to the market the finest Italian leathers, unique artisan finishes, projects development, custom services, custom wall panelling for indoor and outdoor projects and innovative, sustainable organic materials.